Ninjas Against Yuna

Just kill the bitch and get it over with

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Yeah, that's right. We're ninjas. We're better than you. In fact, we could stab you and your mother, and you WOULDN'T EVEN SEE IT COMING! But we won't because we're nice ninjas. See, we believe that Tidus deserves a better woman than Yuna, and therefore she should die. If you agree, and have real ultimate ninja skills like we do, please join. Otherwise you are only worthy to stare in envy at our awesomeness.

These skills include but are not limited to:
  • Walking on water
  • Walking on walls
  • Summoning demons from the nightmare plane
  • Dodging bullets
  • Stabbing inanimate objects
  • Slashing innocent puppies
  • Ability to pilot a giant robot
  • Spontaneous loss of bowel control

P.S. Yuna is a goddamn sellout.

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